Community powered.

Community grown.

Uplift is Humboldt's Lost Coast cannabis co-op.
Craft quality
Support small farms
Farmer owned
Appellation cannabis
Build community
Craft quality
Support small farms
Farmer owned
Appellation cannabis
Build community
Craft quality
Support small farms
Farmer owned
Appalachian cannabis
our mission

We bring you access to artisanal craft cannabis.

Our mission is to ensure the success and viability of licensed, small cannabis farms, throughout Humboldt County, so you can experience the tradition of artisanal, Humboldt buds.

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In Humboldt's cannabis growing regions, we grow top-quality cultivars. From the early days of forest and tree-top gardens to our current homestead fields, Uplift farms are known for our tasty, hand-crafted buds. Our unique climate — with hot days and cool nights, maritime winds, and varied soils — create sought-after cannabinoid and terpene flavor profiles.

For Uplift Co-op farmers, community isn’t just a buzzword, it’s our culture and our way of life. Our member-owner-farmers are not only world-class cannabis farmers, but also volunteer for our local non-profit organizations, fire departments, and schools, and help keep these institutions strong. We help our neighbors in need and support local causes. Uplift is a community-owned and -operated non-profit cooperative association because when we all do better, we all do better.

Cannabis culture is about connecting: with one’s self, friends, community, and place. We believe that by linking our farms together, we can accomplish more for each other and our community than we could by ourselves. Connect you community to ours by experiencing Uplift Co-op's brands.

our farms

Sustainable, self-reliant farms.

uplift group members
our team

We are a team of committed growers.

Uplift Co-operative is owned entirely by independent legacy farmers and was the first cannabis cooperative post-legalization.

This isn’t just a job for us, it’s a passion and a way of life. We aren’t corporate entities with outside investors. Instead, our farms have grown out of our own blood, sweat, and tears. We take care of our farm fields because they are our own backyards, literally. 

Our farmers collectively have more than 160 years of experience growing, harvesting, curing, and preparing cannabis and cannabis products. Some of us are second-generation farmers following in our parents’ cannabis-growing footsteps.

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Our MERCH Shop

We have an amazing Merch shop built with our partners at MERCHtender
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Head stash
We smoke what we sell, from our farm to your hand.Head Stash gives an exclusive inside look behind the redwood curtain at Uplift member farms, the strains they are cultivating and the projects they are doing; as well as the products in the Uplift brand.  Be the first to know!

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